GLOCK 21 – .45ACP


13 Rounds

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The GLOCK 21 gives you everything you would expect of a .45 pistol.

New Glock Factory G21SF also for Sale.

Yes, you can purchase a Glock handgun on this website and have it shipped to a local FFL dealer in your area. Then, you will need to go to that dealer and fulfill the local and state requirements necessary to own a handgun at which time you can take delivery of the gun.

“SF” Short Frame
The circumference of the receiver is reduced at the rear, or “backstrap” of this pistol model, which will appeal to shooters with smaller hands and offer increased comfort and control to all.

The “big bore” .45 caliber belongs to the United States like stars and stripes. Americans have always had a very special relationship with this timeless caliber. The GLOCK 21 gives you everything you would expect of a .45 pistol. Countless law enforcement units swear by this superior pistol for more than just its above-average magazine capacity of 13 rounds.

Standard models come with two 13-round magazines.
California models come with two 10-round magazines.


Length: 7.59 inches
Height: 5.47 inches
Width: 1.27 inches
Barrel Length: 4.60 inches
Weight: 26.28 oz. unloaded

The Glock 21 is the perfect answer to the gun owners who are interested in owning a .45 ACP firearm but love the Glock’s high capacity magazines.

It delivers the power of the .45 ACP round with the standard-issued 13 round capacity magazine. The Glock 21 is a full size firearm with a polymer frame.

The polymer frame means even with its full size, the G21 fully loaded weighs nearly half a pound less than the steel 1911.

The dimensions of the G21 make it a duty-sized pistol. It’s a double stack magazine that is wider than the 1911, but it’s not uncomfortable to hold.

Since the G21 has a higher round capacity, you’ll be thankful that you have an extra round or two if you’re in a situation where you need it.

The slide is made of gas nitrate treated steel and the barrel contains octagonal rifling. A component that is common across Glock models is the striker-fired feature which removes the need for a hammer.

The sights are the standard three-dot sights. The sights are well built, precise, practical, and ready-to-go right out of the box.

The sights, overall, can come down to personal preference. The lower recoil is a significant advantage. Since the Glock 21 has lower recoil, this means more training with less fatigue.

The reduced recoil also offers the ability to accurately fire follow up shots more quickly. Many people regard the G21 as one of the smoothest-firing .45 caliber pistols they’ve ever held.

The one thing I like about Glock is the ability to customize. Glock offers more options for accessory and customization than any other handgun company.


There’s so many options for gun owners to tweak or swap out, making their gun their own. The polymer frame features a Picatinny compatible rail and accepts any number of accessories from sights, grips, holsters, lasers, and lights.

You could spend hours upon hours adjusting and perfecting your Glock 21.


  • Length (Overall): 205 mm, 8.07 inch
  • Width (Overall): 34 mm, 1.34 inch
  • Height (With Magazine): 140 mm, 5.51 inch
  • Barrel Length: 117 mm, 4.61 in.
  • Weight (With Loaded Magazine): 38.80 oz.
  • Trigger Pull / In Use

The trigger pull is like any Glock trigger, fitted with a 5.5 lb. pull which is standard. Glock triggers can be heavy and difficult to manipulate but with practice, you’ll get a better feel on it.

The trigger pull can initially throw off your accuracy, but it doesn’t take long to become accustomed to it. Reduced trigger weight connectors are available if you want a lighter pull.



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