The 1911 Range Officer® Operator® 9mm takes competition features like the extended aluminum match trigger and match grade forged carbon steel chassis and combines them into a defensive paragon with the addition of low-profile combat sights, an accessory rail and forward slide serrations.
A service-length stainless steel match grade barrel and tuned barrel bushing offer peerless accuracy potential, while the deep Parkerized finish and cocobolo grips make it look great.
    5″ Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, Fully Supported Ramp, 1:16
    Forged Carbon Steel, Parkerized
    Forged Carbon Steel, Parkerized, Accessory Rail
    Fiber Optic Front, Low-Profile Combat White Dot Rear
    GI Style
    Crossed Cannons Cocobolo
    (2) 9-Round
    41 oz

The .45 ACP/9mm Springfield Armory 1911 RANGE OFFICER is feature-rich, beautiful and practical. You’ll enjoy it for target practice or self-defense.

Between two calibers (.45 ACP and 9mm), three sizes (full-size and smaller) and several named trim levels (1911 Range Officer Target, 1911 Range Officer Operator, 1911 Range Officer Champion and 1911 Range Officer Compact) you have ten choices.

Eight are matte black while two are stainless. More about that in a moment.


Both 1911 Range Officer Target and 1911 Range Officer Operator are full-size with mostly matching metrics including a 5” barrel with a 1:16” twist ratio, 8.6” length and 5.5” height. You can get each size in either 9mm or .45 ACP. Both are available Parkerized in all black. The 1911 Range Officer Target is also available in stainless-steel.


The two 9mm choices each come with two 9-round magazines. Both the slide and frame are forged carbon steel. The steel frame means the 1911 Range Officer Target weighs a confidence-inspiring 41 ounces. It has a dovetailed front sight and a full-adjustable cantilevered target rear sight.


Speaking of slides, the slide has forward leaning grip serrations in back. Behind it is a skeletonized loop hammer, left side only thumb safety at back and below that a grip safety. The curved trigger is circular ported and has vertical serrations along its concave face.



The grips are lovely authentic Cocobolo tropical hardwood with beautifully done diamond hatching and the famed “double arrow” flat head screw surrounds at top and bottom. Springfield’s famous crossed cannon rondel punctuates each at center. You’ll see the same insignia echoed on the slide flanks.


Springfield Armory uses a strong forged slide and a forged frame for amazing quality. In contrast, other companies often cast theirs though forging adds durability. The 1911 Range Officer Target comes with a pair of 9-round magazines.


The 1911 Range Officer Operator is about the same as the Parkerized (all black) models above except it adds front slide serrations and the sights are different. It has a red fiber optic front sight and a low-profile ramped rear sight. It also has an integrated three-slot Picatinny rail under the recoil spring housing.

The 1911 Range Officer Champion is like the Operator but smaller. It’s wrapped around a 4” bull barrel and has a lightweight aluminum frame. Instead of being Parkerized, the frame is hard coat anodized. However, the slide is still Parkerized. The height is the same as its two larger siblings, but the barrel’s an inch shorter. Overall length is also an inch shorter and comes to 7.6”. The shorter barrel, slide and aluminum construction dramatically lowers weight, which drops almost 25% to 31.5 ounces. It too ships with two 9-round magazines.


Last, and also least when it comes to size, is the 1911 Range Officer Compact. As the name implies, it’s smaller than the previous model. It has the same 4” barrel and 7.6” overall length, but height drops half an inch to 5”. This decreases weight to 29.5 ounces and limits the gun to 8-round flush-mount magazines. It also ships with two mags.



The 1911 Range Officer Target, 1911 Range Officer Operator, 1911 Range Officer Champion and 1911 Range Officer Compact are all available in all-black .45 ACP. The only stainless-steel model for .45 ACP is the 1911 Range Officer Target (just as it’s the only stainless-steel model of this series for 9mm).


These .45 ACPs are like the 9mm except as follows. The 1911 Range Officer Target has two 7-round mags and weighs 40 ounces. The 1911 Range Officer Operator is the same. The 1911 Range Officer Champion takes two 7-round mags but only weighs 30 ounces thanks to its shorter barrel, shorter slide and aluminum frame. Finally, the 1911 Range Officer Compact comes standard with two 6-round mags and weighs 28.5 ounces.


All ten choices field a 1:16 twist ratio match grade forged stainless steel barrel that has a fully supported ramp. Springfield Armory 1911s look like the classic 1911-A1 models, which took the original 1911s and added a lowered and beveled ejection port, finger recesses behind the trigger and more.


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